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Welcome to the Green Travel List where we explore the best of authentic ecotourism resorts and experiences. Ecotourism is not just about being environmentally friendly but also about immersing yourself in a new culture, learning about the local flora and fauna and supporting the local communities. In this review site, we will take you on a journey to discover hidden gems that offer not just luxurious accommodation but also a chance to understand the delicate balance of nature and the importance of preserving it. From treehouses to eco-resorts, we will show you how you can travel in harmony with nature and leave a positive impact on the places you visit. So join us as we discover the beauty of sustainable travel and the joys of being one with nature. We list and rate green, eco, sustainable travel options from treehouses to yurts In the United States, Canada, or Mexico to the jungles of Costa Rica and the deserts of Western Australia.

Eco-friendly travel has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact while exploring new places. One way to do this is by choosing to stay at eco-resorts, treehouses, and other unique ecotourism experiences.

Eco-resorts are a great option for those looking to reduce their environmental impact while still enjoying the amenities and luxuries of a traditional resort. These resorts often use renewable energy sources, promote conservation of local flora and fauna, and have implemented a variety of sustainable practices.

Treehouses are another unique and eco-friendly option for travelers. These unique accommodations allow guests to feel like they are living in harmony with nature, while also providing a comfortable and unique experience. Many treehouses are built using sustainable materials and are designed to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Ecotourism experiences are also a great way to explore new places while also learning about and supporting conservation efforts. These experiences can include activities such as wildlife safaris, guided nature walks, and cultural immersions. Many ecotourism experiences are led by local experts who can provide valuable insights into the area’s natural and cultural heritage.

When looking for an eco-friendly vacation, it’s also important to consider the mode of transportation used to reach the destination. Choosing to travel by train or bus instead of flying can greatly reduce the carbon footprint of the trip.

Authentic travel is also one of the best ways to experience a new place while also supporting local communities. Staying in locally-owned accommodations and eating at local restaurants are great ways to support the community and learn more about the local culture.

Overall, eco-friendly travel is a great way to explore new places while also reducing the environmental impact of the trip. Eco-resorts, treehouses, and ecotourism experiences offer unique and authentic ways to experience a new place while also supporting conservation efforts and local communities.

Sustainability is a slippery term and is banded around as much by big businesses looking to make a quick buck at the expense of the environment is it is authentically. The proliferation of greenwashing and the like by some big travel websites has also meant it is harder to find travel options which really do enact positive change and enhance biodiversity. We look to take into account the whole spectrum of possibilities that contribute to a truly green hotel, lodge, or resort.  

We ask you to vet the levels of environmental friendliness the resorts on our lists offer. What are the levels of biological diversity they sustain, the richness of cultural distinctiveness demonstrated, how they contribute to local economies and the quality of employment, social equity and community well-being  they provide. All these are aspects of how we could rate resorts and eco travel experiences, and we invite our community to participate in reviews. 

Organic, ethical, and sustainable food is important for both people and the environment. Reading about a farmers’ market or visiting a local grocery store provide insight into seasons and the importance of eating healthy food. 

Learning about the environment can be done through various types of green travel experiences like taking an eco-friendly coffee tour or renting an electric car. These experiences bring nature into the lives of children and help them understand how to take care of the world around them. 

Learning about people: Traveling can provide insight into different cultures and lifestyles. 

Learning about different customs and traditions during a cultural exchange trip in places like Bali or Costa Rica will help children develop an understanding of other people around the world.

Traveling is a great way to get closer to the world and learn about its many cultures. This is why it is significant to find eco-friendly travel options that regenerate local ecosystems and leave a positive impact on the surrounding environment. This article shares some of the best green, eco, sustainable travel experiences with you. The authors provide their own personal experience as well as recommendations for other readers who are looking for eco-friendly travel options.

The authors have also included a list of exceptional destinations that are worth visiting if you want to experience sustainable travel.

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