This site was started in 2021 as travel began to start up.

Previous to the pandemic, I had worked in luxury resorts and helped start a luxury resort blog. Over the course of the pandemic, I had heard numerous tourism operators come out and talk about the ‘devastating’ effect restrictions were having on the tourism industry.

I live in Queensland, Australia, and from there it hardly seemed like people’s lives were at stake if flights were not able to resume to fill the resorts ASAP. Why not let the ‘economy’ play the second fiddle for a change, especially seeing as at the time Delta was only starting to emerge, and this particular state had not had any community transition of COVID.

For other areas of the world, the loss of tourism income has surely hurt more profoundly. Yet, as with the pandemic, I’m sure we will hear calls to push environmental protection back in order to ‘kick-start’ tourism.

Developing sustainable travel practices it seems is something that will have to happen even in the most difficult of economic circumstances. COVID was really only a warm-up for the Environmental Challenges that await.

While I could have called the Green Travel List and targeted the much more profitable (in the short term) keywords around which countries are immediately available to travel, my passion is to become part of the challenge and the responsibility ahead to reshape travel.

While I will continue to operate my Luxury Resorts travel website, my aim at that website (as it always has been) is to lead people to greener travel choices like the ones I will write about and post on this site.

I hope you will also help promote those businesses that are offering eco-sustainable tours, trips, eco-lodges, and eco-resorts too. My aim is to have this site achieve a level of success where people are more likely to choose a green option and examine their own lifestyles more carefully.

And when travelers make green choices, hopefully, this can change economies and energize a virtuous spiral of positive change where all stakeholders are recognized and honored for the role they play.